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  1. Record of Shenzhen Geek Circle’s Interview of Chassepot’s Product Manager (Part 3)

    We all know about the practicality of several of C1000’s classic function keys, but why can’t these keys support customization?


    It is undeniable that this is truly an existing problem, and is also a technical problem. We offer our apologies for the inconvenience caused due to these problems. This is because if there is no need to set up these keys, with the prerequisite of plug and play and through realizing these functions, we will write these functions into the keyboard’s firmware. The result is that these keys are incapable of supporting customization. We also made this kind of choice when we designed the keyboard. At the same time, the data doesn’t lie, as these functions are really frequently used, so we made a choice on the user’s behalf. If you really don’t like this, then I apologize to you once again!



    The product’s layout concept is something that I should understand, but I don’t know how l

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  2. Record of Shenzhen Geek Circle’s Interview of Chassepot’s Product Manager (Part 2)

    After many gamers saw C1000’s layout, they asked why the Windows button was put in such a strange location, and said that nobody else had tried this before.


    Yes, the location of this key has been carefully thought out. First of all, we admit that the Windows key is a very dangerous key. This is because if it is pressed, it immediately jumps out of the current screen and enters a system options menu. So, many keyboards have a Windows key lock. Moreover, Windows is a fundamental key that combines function keys. In other words, the large majority of its functions are achieved by combining it with other keys, with the most common combination being Windows+E/R/D/F. Then this location should have the following characteristics: must not easily press the wrong keys and it can easily be used in combination with commonly used keybo

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  3. Record of Shenzhen Geek Circle’s Interview of Chassepot’s Product Manager (Part 1)


    Hello, Papoose, thank you for accepting this interview with Shenzhen Geek Circle.

    Thank you as well for your invitation.

    Ever since it was released, C1000 has been one of the sources of controversy for the Geek Circle’s peripherals enthusiasts. I have compiled some questions, and of course, I have some thoughts of my own. So my questions will be relatively direct and pointed. Is that OK with you?

    No problem.

    Did it really require 1000 days to develop C1000?

    This product was actually launched in 2012, and at that time, the esports market was not nearly as enormous, while the products also appeared as membrane keyboards. Later on, due to many factors, it was set aside for many years. It was not until 2016 th

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