1. Chassepot C1000 Backlighting Setup And Caution


    fn+ UP increase light brightness +
    fn + DOWN decrease light brightness -
    fn + LEFT previous light effect
    fn +RIGHT next light effect
    fn + left Alt switch color effect (RGB version)



    1.This product is suitable for indoor use only.
    2.This product can only be used by one person at a time.
    3. This product is electronic. Please keep it away from all kinds of liquids to avoid short circuit.
    4. Do not expose the product to paper scraps, soot or other foreign matter.
    5. Do not hit the keyboard hard to prevent deformation or damage.
    6. Do not modify or repair this product by yourself.
    7. Do not charge the keyboard with any device other than the USB interface of the computer.
    8. Do not pull the connecting line directly when inserting or unplugging the connecting line.
    9. Do not disassemble the body to replace the battery.
    10. The product contains built-in rechargeable battery, do

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  2. Chassepot C1000 Software : CPC Engine Connection

    After connecting the keyboard to the device, please log on to the official website’s page:  and download/install the CPC driver.

    After installation, the software will automatically recognize your keyboard and match with it. You can make your own keyboard settings based on the reminders. C1000 has its own onboard memory technology. When you have connected a device and after you have saved your settings, these settings will be saved inside the keyboard’s onboard memory. They do not need to be saved in other devices, and you can activate your customized settings. It is possible to create a C1000

    that belongs to you.



    1. C1000 only supports wired mode when using CPC software to set operations for keyboards. Its set content is recorded in the onboard memory, and whether in bluetooth or wired mode, it is poss

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  3. Chassepot C1000 Battery Charging Setup

    Low Battery Warning

    In wireless mode, when battery power is lower than 20%,

    fn will flicker white, and the backlight will automatically turn off and enter low-power status.

    At this time, it is necessary to promptly charge the battery.


    Battery Charging

    1. Connect type-C to the device.

    2. After successfully connecting, the space bar’s red light stays on during charging.

    3. After charging is complete, the light automatically turns off, indicating that charging is complete.


    1. Charging time is 3-5 hours, specific time varies based on differences between charged devices.

    2. Charging instructions: It is possible to use a computer’s USB port to charge, while using a USB charging device lower than 5v2a to charge will achieve better charging results.

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  4. Connect Chassepot C1000 Keyboard Wirelessly

    We welcome you to use your C1000 keyboard.

    C1000 provides two types of connection modes: USB wired mode and bluetooth wireless mode.

    You can choose a suitable method based on your needs and actual situation.


    Wired Mode Connection Method:

    1. Turn the wireless switch on the back of the C1000 to the OFF position.
    2. Connect the USB port to a PC or laptop computer’s USB port. A type-C plug connected to theC1000’s type C port can allow you to complete the connection process.



    1.    Wired mode supports USB hub function.
    2.   Turn on bluetooth connection and access the USB. However, do not use the wireless switch on the back to turn it to the OFF position, but turn it to default position as the bluetooth connection charging mode.


    Bluetooth Mode Connection Method:

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