fn+ UP increase light brightness +
fn + DOWN decrease light brightness -
fn + LEFT previous light effect
fn +RIGHT next light effect
fn + left Alt switch color effect (RGB version)



1.This product is suitable for indoor use only.
2.This product can only be used by one person at a time.
3. This product is electronic. Please keep it away from all kinds of liquids to avoid short circuit.
4. Do not expose the product to paper scraps, soot or other foreign matter.
5. Do not hit the keyboard hard to prevent deformation or damage.
6. Do not modify or repair this product by yourself.
7. Do not charge the keyboard with any device other than the USB interface of the computer.
8. Do not pull the connecting line directly when inserting or unplugging the connecting line.
9. Do not disassemble the body to replace the battery.
10. The product contains built-in rechargeable battery, do not put it into the fire,
or in a high temperature area to charge, use or place.
11. If you do not use this product for a long time, please place it properly to avoid
dust entering and charge it at least once every six months.
12. People (including children) who do not have full civil capacity or lack relevant
experience and knowledge must use this product under the supervision and guidance of guardians.