Low Battery Warning

In wireless mode, when battery power is lower than 20%,

fn will flicker white, and the backlight will automatically turn off and enter low-power status.

At this time, it is necessary to promptly charge the battery.


Battery Charging

  1. Connect type-C to the device.

  2. After successfully connecting, the space bar’s red light stays on during charging.

  3. After charging is complete, the light automatically turns off, indicating that charging is complete.


  1. Charging time is 3-5 hours, specific time varies based on differences between charged devices.

  2. Charging instructions: It is possible to use a computer’s USB port to charge, while using a USB charging device lower than 5v2a to charge will achieve better charging results.

  3. PC terminal connection instructions: In wired mode, C1000 supports USB hub function. Therefore, using the PC’s motherboard USB (USB port on back of the casing) will achieve better connection results.