Chassepot's design is really bold and radical, but it is always tepid. This year, from the vertical distribution of keys, full-function and horizontal desktop space saving as a breakthrough, they launched a new heavyweight product: C1000 mechanical keyboard, the first mechanical keyboard using vertical layout logic. With the differentiation, the product strength has also increased, and the price of key official websites is a little surprising. It's not hard to see that C1000 is determined to make a hit. After all, like Chassepot's full-featured vertical key layout with dual-mode connection, the wireless mechanical keyboard is the only choice

The appearance design of Chassepot C1000 dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard originates from the concept of human-computer interaction, in order to save the horizontal desktop space and provide more sufficient mobile space for the mouse. Common functions can be directly implanted into the layout, such as display desktop, volume, calculator, double zero number, etc. users can directly access the required functions with one key. In addition, the second half of the keyboard has also been finely adjusted. It has to be said that it will take several hours to adapt to use it properly.


The keyboard uses a built-in battery scheme, powered by an 1850 Ma lithium polymer battery. In addition to the wireless connection, the Chassepot C1000 still retains the traditional wired mode, key line separation and type-C interface. Because Bluetooth mode does not support full key without punch, if there is a higher requirement for button without punch, you can use wired mode to deal with it. Or, when the power is insufficient and there is no backup battery nearby, it can be used in emergency.


Although the 114 key configuration is adopted, the body size is exquisite, about 301x189x49mm, and the weight is 1022g, which undoubtedly takes up less desktop space. The keyboard is all black design, in which, the key cap is matte UV laser carving transparent treatment, clear grain texture can be seen, sweat resistant and dirty resistant, and has a certain anti-skid effect. No screw holes on the back for more details.


The keyboard itself is equipped with ABS material key cap as standard, OEM height.The combination shortcut key of FN is provided. Under Bluetooth wireless, three groups of devices can be stored in memory and switched through FN + F1 / F2 / F3. The power switch of the keyboard is on the back of the keyboard. Compared with the panel keys, the back settings are less likely to be touched by mistake.