There is a mute switch in the center, and the game mode can be enabled. After it is turned on, the win key function can be shielded.

Chassepot C1000 is decorated with straight lines and rounded corners on the bottom, and the round rubber foot pad provides anti-skid.
Chassepot C1000 dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is equipped with OTEMU axis, which provides red axis, tea axis and green axis options. With the combination of matching is a set of ABS material key cap, radium characters.
The big key is still the satellite axis scheme. Except for the empty key, all the keys feel quite straightforward. The space bar is obviously dry.
The Chassepot C1000 is equipped with two different connection modes, Bluetooth wireless and wired. Replaceable battery scheme, keyboard cable can support charging. Compared with the battery replacement scheme, its wireless mode backlight can be more easily supported. Among them, the wired mode, as a backup, also has the feature of full key and no impact to meet the needs of some game scenes.
In most cases, Bluetooth wireless has been able to solve a variety of scenarios. The former is more friendly for multi platform office. It can remember 3 devices and switch through FN combination shortcut key. In this mode, it also has better wireless endurance. It can be used for about 10 days when the light is on, and it can be easily used for two to three months when the backlight is off. It can be seen that it has stronger endurance than 2.4G.
In short, Bluetooth can take into account the multi platform office needs, while taking into account a longer-term wireless range. The chassepot C1000 can also be used via a wired connection. Moreover, the keyboard is free of drive. Through software and keys, it can also support customization or programming. It has rich natural expansion functions, but it can't view the accurate power situation, and can only be judged by the color of indicator light.

We have heard that the Chassepot C1000 dual mode wireless mechanical keyboards are priced at $169, and the official discount is just 149 dollars actually. The price is pretty good after the discount. Dual mode wireless, keyboard vertical arrangement, and with standard full-size key function, really good!