After connecting the keyboard to the device, please log on to the official website’s page:  and download/install the CPC driver.

After installation, the software will automatically recognize your keyboard and match with it. You can make your own keyboard settings based on the reminders. C1000 has its own onboard memory technology. When you have connected a device and after you have saved your settings, these settings will be saved inside the keyboard’s onboard memory. They do not need to be saved in other devices, and you can activate your customized settings. It is possible to create a C1000

that belongs to you.



1. C1000 only supports wired mode when using CPC software to set operations for keyboards. Its set content is recorded in the onboard memory, and whether in bluetooth or wired mode, it is possible to enjoy all settings at any time.

2. The following keys cannot be customized and programmed: Show Desktop, Task manager, File explorer,   Lock screen,   double 0.