We welcome you to use your C1000 keyboard.

C1000 provides two types of connection modes: USB wired mode and bluetooth wireless mode.

You can choose a suitable method based on your needs and actual situation.


Wired Mode Connection Method:

  1. Turn the wireless switch on the back of the C1000 to the OFF position.
  2. Connect the USB port to a PC or laptop computer’s USB port. A type-C plug connected to theC1000’s type C port can allow you to complete the connection process.



  1.    Wired mode supports USB hub function.
  2.   Turn on bluetooth connection and access the USB. However, do not use the wireless switch on the back to turn it to the OFF position, but turn it to default position as the bluetooth connection charging mode.


Bluetooth Mode Connection Method:


  1. Turn the wireless switch on the back of the C1000 to the ON position.
  2. Turn on the bluetooth switch for the device requiring connection.
  3. Use FN+F1.
  4. Long press FN+F1 until F1’s white light flickers and when it enters paired status.
  5. Find ‘chassepot c1000’ on the device requiring connection and click connect’.
  6. When connection is successful, F1’s white light stops flickering.



  1.  Please ensure the device you want to connect has bluetooth capability (PC can use USB port’sbluetooth adapter).
  2. C1000 supports three groups of device connections, and separately uses fn+f1\f2\f3 with the same steps  to implement different device connections.
  3. Use fn+f1\f2\f3 to switch to corresponding devices, and the entire red backlight flickers twice, signaling that connection is successful.
  4. In bluetooth mode, after three minutes with no button operations, the keyboard will turn off allbacklights and enter energy-saving sleep mode.
  5. Press any key to wake it up (wired mode has no sleep).