After many gamers saw C1000’s layout, they asked why the Windows button was put in such a strange location, and said that nobody else had tried this before.


Yes, the location of this key has been carefully thought out. First of all, we admit that the Windows key is a very dangerous key. This is because if it is pressed, it immediately jumps out of the current screen and enters a system options menu. So, many keyboards have a Windows key lock. Moreover, Windows is a fundamental key that combines function keys. In other words, the large majority of its functions are achieved by combining it with other keys, with the most common combination being Windows+E/R/D/F. Then this location should have the following characteristics: must not easily press the wrong keys and it can easily be used in combination with commonly used keyboard shortcuts. A new location has these two characteristics. It is located on the left side of the Tab key. As everyone knows, Tab is a line break key, and is used extremely infrequently in today’s usage environment. It is the basis of a low rate of wrong keystrokes. Furthermore, in the location of the traditional Windows key, it is necessary to complete Windows+E/R/D/F. Regardless of whether you use your left thumb combined with your index finger, or little finger combined with the index finger to press a key, both of these methods twist your hands. But a completely new location will immediately allow you to effortlessly accomplish this task.


But I am still concerned that I will type the wrong keys; It may be a psychological factor.


Of course, C1000 also supports Fn+Windows in locking the Windows key, so you do not need to worry about this. In addition, the Windows key has a blind spot, did you notice it?



Yes, this blind spot must not have much of a purpose.


If you don’t play video games, it is really not very helpful. But if you are a MOBA-type gamer, then it is a different situation. You can switch out the keycaps from the Windows and R keys with the same height, and will discover that this blind spot can rapidly help you orient your starting gesture position during the game. You will no longer have problems with using the wrong skills. If you play FPS or other games, you can switch out the keycap for the W key, and will also have similar results. We have many colleagues who play all sorts of video games, and they believe that the top of this tiny blind spot is full of professional esports genes.



Then why did you shorten the space bar and add another backspace key next to the space bar? Wouldn’t the extra backspace key be superfluous?


Firstly, normal space bars vary from 3x to 7x, indicating that in terms of usage, 3x already has enough length to fulfill usage requirements. A super-long space bar’s design originates from the typewriter, while a 7x space bar really wastes too much space. C1000’s usage of a 4x length has naturally been repeatedly verified by users and is effective. At the same time, if you observe closely, you will find that many backspace keys have extensive wear and tear. This is also the case in actual data, indicating that people’s usage rate of backspace keys is extremely high. Moreover, each time that you use a backspace key, you have to remove your right index finger from the J key, which requires you to move it a certain distance before it can touch the backspace key. You then have to return your index finger back to the J key. This process actually involves moving your fingers across a great distance, and is very strenuous. If you move your thumb back slightly so you can easily touch the backspace key, that would be simply amazing.



During actual use, I have also experienced this, but why do you still have to retain a backspace key at its original location?


It is very simple: What if a new user is not initially used to the new backspace key? Users will feel very uncomfortable if they are forced to accept a new key location. So our job is to provide users with a better choice, but we also need to respect their original habits. This will reduce users’ learning costs, and can also avoid the discomfort of an adjustment period.



Then why is the delete key next to the menu key? What would I do if I mistakenly deleted a document?


Actually, this is an extremely safe location, as you can easily find this frequently used key.



I meant to ask what I should do in case I pressed the wrong key.


Have you mistakenly pressed the menu key?



Fine; You don’t think that Fn is in a strange location?


You asked a good question. In many video games, 1234 and other numeric keys are used to activate skills. In addition, some keyboards originally had ~ or Esc where the numeric keys were located. This made it easy for typing errors to occur, making phrases such as: you have been slain. However, Fn is a key that can be disabled with one click, and even if you press the wrong key, it won’t have any clicking effect. So this is why it is a safe Fn. Furthermore, in keyboard shortcut combinations with Fn and F1-F12, a single hand can be used to complete these shortcuts.


But hasn’t the Esc key’s location undergone too much of a change?


The Esc key’s location has not been moved at all, as it’s still in the upper left corner.