We all know about the practicality of several of C1000’s classic function keys, but why can’t these keys support customization?


It is undeniable that this is truly an existing problem, and is also a technical problem. We offer our apologies for the inconvenience caused due to these problems. This is because if there is no need to set up these keys, with the prerequisite of plug and play and through realizing these functions, we will write these functions into the keyboard’s firmware. The result is that these keys are incapable of supporting customization. We also made this kind of choice when we designed the keyboard. At the same time, the data doesn’t lie, as these functions are really frequently used, so we made a choice on the user’s behalf. If you really don’t like this, then I apologize to you once again!



The product’s layout concept is something that I should understand, but I don’t know how long it should take to adjust to this keyboard.


This is actually a secondary issue, as you should first understand that this is a keyboard with customizable keys, and you can fully define it based on your usage habits.



Does the back of this kind of OP structure really not have screws? Are they hidden underneath its four feet?       


You can open up the feet and see for yourself.



Then why did you not add a folding stand when you designed the keyboard, but instead chose to use this kind of natural 6-degree slope?


This was not our own innovative design, as many high-end keyboards have used this type of design. The reason is simple: The original folding stand design makes it convenient to transport the keyboard, as this cuts down on shipping costs. In addition, in previous usage scenarios, people put keyboards in a retractable keyboard drawer. However, now there are too few people who put keyboards in drawers. This was replaced by a tabletop layout, so there was not much of a necessity to use a folding stand. Besides, we know that a folding stand breaks easily and has a really high failure rate. This is the reason why high-end keyboards abandoned this design. At the same time, the accessories market also developed, and it is really easy to find a stand with a suitable height. Furthermore, I must admit that I am an advocate for minimalism. You can sense that in terms of C1000, I did my best to focus on subtraction, and focused on removing every unnecessary design element, even if the user is unable to see the back part of the product. I made the product simple, solid, and practical.



How long can you use the 1850mAh battery?


This is the standard battery for current RBG translucent keyboards, and of course, in the future, we may be able to make ones with a larger capacity. But based on usage, it already completely fulfills usage needs. Furthermore, based on my usage habits, when the backlight is turned on, it can be used for 4-6 days.


How long can you use the battery if you do not turn on the backlight?


You can use it for 10-15 days if you do not turn on the backlight, but I generally use it with the backlight, and after all, it makes the keyboard more beautiful.



Then why did you choose Outemu switches?


We have conducted research, and found that the Western geek circle expressed very positive opinions of Outemu. It is also of considerably high quality and has great stability.



As a keyboard enthusiast, I want to know why you chose ABS injected laser etched keycaps and did not use the widely popular PBT bicolor keycaps, or nontransparent PBT keycaps that can be dip-dyed?


It is very simple: PBT bicolor keycaps are undoubtedly part of the mainstream market, but because of their technical limitations, their characters are very large, which makes it difficult to highlight the delicate nature of this product. In addition, we also really like dyeable PBT keyboards, but we stopped using them because they cannot be translucent. In the future, it may be that we could sell a non-translucent version of C1000. However, injected laser etching is completely different. The unique texture resulting from its matte laser injection technique has made it popular among many fans of major high-end brands. Furthermore, laser etching techniques can meticulously create characters. Finally, there is strengthened UV coating, which completely solves the problem of ABS laser etching techniques that are not wear-resistant. Although its cost is more than 7 times that of PBT bicolor keycaps, the value of this kind of wonderful innovation cannot be considered solely based on its cost.   



Then what is the purpose of the hole in the middle of the keyboard? Can you put a cell phone there?


I wouldn’t object to you using it to put a cell phone in there, but this is not a good idea. This design’s original intention is to tell others: the earth has already existed for 4.5 billion years, and we are the first ones in 4.5 billion years to make a keyboard with a hole in its middle!



In the instruction manual’s thank-you letter, why did you sign your name as Chassepot Gangs?


Compared with a traditional army, we more closely resemble a gang that does things differently than other people and is out of the ordinary. Isn’t that correct?



A final question, then why do you say that C1000 is expensive?


It’s simple: This is a keyboard with a non-standard height, it is essentially impossible to finish making it by using initial manufacturing tools, and highly automated production facilities also need time to develop. In terms of current production techniques, most of the tasks previously done by machines can now only be done by hand, implying a higher standard of quality control costs. In addition, C1000 has practical materials and its cost is calculated solely based on its material cost, so it is equivalent to the basic cost of two 61-key keyboards. I hope that in the near future, a fully automated production line can replace expensive human labor, thereby reducing production costs.



OK, On behalf of Shenzhen Geek Circle, I thank you for your detailed explanations. I finally understand C1000’s design concepts. Innovation is a painful process that constantly pushes you to reconstruct, and I also hope that gamers can support this brand-new product. I believe that in the near future, we will be able to see a greater amount of and more excellent creativity, especially in this market that is full of youthful vitality and energy. I thank you once again.


Thank you as well, you are welcome anytime as our guest at Chassepot.