Ah, table space. So finite yet demanding so much function and attention.

Have you ever had to move your keyboard just to make more room for your mouse?

Or how about when you had to really consider your table width before buying a new

keyboard or any computer peripheral for that matter?

This dilemma is made even more grievous for professional gamers

who might have to sacrifice performance if their table space is not optimized (D’Argenio 2018).

It might not mean a lot, but an optimized table space translates to a lot of efficiency,

which in turn is likely to help you dominate your tasks.

The perfect place to start with it is your keyboard.

The keyboard is the single most space taking peripheral on your desk, next to your monitor.

Its position affects how you use your mouse and interact with your computer.

You may think that there is only so much you can do about your bulky keyboard,

but you would be wrong!

While most keyboard manufacturers don’t even consider table space to

be a viable factor in the manufacturing and sales of keyboards,

that ideology has slowly started to take a turn for the better.

Read on to find out how you can revamp your table space by investing in an optimized keyboard.



Standard Keyboards VS Mechanical Keyboards. FIGHT!

The typical office keyboard has a total of 84 to 101 keys with a 15.5mm x 15mm size (Clay 2016).

That’s a lot of table space!

This type of keyboard usually leaves little room for your standard mouse.

Usually, people will opt for a smaller size computer mouse with a higher sensitivity

to make up for the less travel space available on the table.

One might even install a separate keyboard tray and use the mouse over the desk around the monitor,

but let’s be real, this isn’t the 90s nor does anyone want their desk to look ugly.


The standard keyboard has all the keys you need or rather more keys than you will ever need.

It is specially designed for the office employee who may have ample desk space.

These are large, heavy and clunky keyboards that you would usually see in old Hollywood movies.

But for the home user, the traditional keyboard is nothing short of a nightmare.

There are countless options in the market for compact keyboards,

some offer the basic keyboard functionality without the numeric keypad while others

may only give the super necessary keys required for a functional keyboard.

This may seem more like a compromise than a value-added product

where you would get fewer keys for a compact design for more or less the same price as a traditional keyboard.

This is where modern mechanical keyboards step in.

Mechanical keyboards are gaining a lot of popularity these days,

whether it’s the average joe or a professional.

Almost everyone nowadays prefers a mechanical keyboard because of the value it provides.

Mechanical keyboards basically consist of “switches” instead of keys,

meaning that every key is considered a switch because it houses mechanical parts like a

lever and spring to press the key rather than a membrane as you would find on a traditional keyboard.

This results in higher accuracy and reliability of the keys along with a better overall typing

experience (Chiotis 2018).

Mechanical keyboards allow for unique designs since it appeals to enthusiasts and hardcore gamers as well.

These types of keyboards focus heavily on customizability over everything which means that

you get more layout options than traditional keyboards.

If you are looking for an optimized table space then look no further than the mechanical keyboard.

You are bound to find one that has the perfect layout for you.



Why Is Table space Important, Anyway?

You might think, “what’s with the obsession with table space?

I mean, I don’t even think about it when I use my computer.”

Well, think again. If you are someone who has dabbled in the world of gaming,

then you will most definitely benefit from an optimized table.

Even if you don’t spend your time racking up kills on Fortnite,

just the thought of a neat and tidy table should make you giddy.

An optimized table space is also beneficial for professionals.

For example, video and sound editing professionals require

an optimized work environment since their work requires the use of multiple computer peripherals.


The mechanical keyboard is truly a “technological marvel”

for many professionals since it offers more functionality in fewer keys and an optimized layout.

The customizable “bind” keys are dedicated switches that can be programmed to do any and all of your bidding.

These can be treated as shortcuts for your most frequent tasks,

like copying text, opening a browser or any other program and even fire up your favorite game (Pash 2018).

Naturally, extra table space also grants you room to add more peripherals.

A headphone stand, a phone charger, a joystick or a bigger mouse pad.

The sky is the limit when you have that much real estate to utilize!

Just remember to not go overboard with the devices or you might end up right where you started:

with a clunky desk set up.

Laptop users might think it’s a win for them to have a full computer in a compact and portable design,

but everyone knows that laptops just can’t match the sheer performance power

of a rigged out Personal Computer.

If your work or hobby requires raw computer power but you think that it might result

in an unoptimized work environment,

then we are here to tell you otherwise.

Desktop computer desks don’t need to be that complicated either.

The main culprit is the keyboard and we thank God for the keyboard manufacturers that are committed to

providing not just a great typing experience but also an optimized product that delivers more than its total packaging.

Make sure you research a lot on your part before finalizing on a keyboard brand,

we wouldn’t want you to spend your hard-earned cash on a meagerly functional paperweight.

Keep in mind that you do not need the plethora of keys that come with most keyboards.

Just the regular keys with an optimized layout are all that you need to dominate your table space.

The humble keyboard has remained virtually the same over the years in terms of size and

shape where most users had to either add a separate keyboard tray beneath their desk or adjust above it (Randel 2016).

One thing is for sure, people are more inclined now than ever to try out newer designs

owing to a change in perception towards new product development and design (Hindsbo 2018).

Thankfully, now manufacturers have started focusing more on a lean design aesthetic which allows for truly whacky layout choices.



Layouts For The Win:


Keyboard layouts have come a long way and very few brands have attempted to turn convention

on its head by introducing novel layouts that are both functional and fashionable.

The standard layout is the one with the full keyboard design including the arrow keys and numeric keypad.

This keyboard style has been with us since the beginning of modern-day computers.

There are a lot of redundant keys present on the keyboard which have carried forward

from the early days of computing such as the numeric keypad.

If you think about it, the numeric keypad has played an extremely important role in the

adoption of computers in the early years.

Back in the day, computers were so expensive and inaccessible that only a handful of

enthusiasts had it at home.

The real use of the computer was to, well, compute data which was mostly done in offices (Kellaway 2013).

Computers were mostly used to run data and crunch numbers instead of mindlessly

browsing the web like in today’s time.

This made the numeric keypad a hero for the average office employee and it stayed this way

for nearly a decade even after the advent of the internet.

Microsoft and Apple played a huge role in making the personal computer accessible to the masses (Steitz 2006).

Suddenly, the PC had become a need of the average person and it was only

when people started to buy computers for their home that brands started to focus more on

design and aesthetics as more competition had entered the market ( Computer History Museum n.d.).

While computer manufacturers couldn’t just max out the specs beyond the available technology at the time,

they competed on design to win customer market share.

This led to the advancement that shaped the modern computer that we use and love today.

With this change, people started to notice the redundancies in the layout of the keyboard

as they wanted more optimization for effective work.

The horizontal layout is the most recognizable keyboard design in the world.

It has become a symbol of the computer era and has solidified itself as the

quintessential accessory that distinguishes a computer from any other device.

But for the people who prefer the “unconventional”, there are many other options to choose from.

For example, the vertical layout mechanical keyboard.

This keyboard design truly is a novelty that brings together efficiency, convenience,

and familiarity into one package.

This type of mechanical keyboard has a taller design aspect which allows for less horizontal width,

meaning that you get more for less.

 This keyboard has all the keys that you need and more!

The vertical key set up allows for easy access to the main typing keys as well as additional function keys.

It features a beautiful RGB light set up that just melds into the keyboard design.

The tall keyboard offers more function by giving you dedicated keys with a

truly awesome mechanical keyboard experience.

It looks and feels futuristic and many would agree that it may as well be the future of keyboard design.





Table space and You

Mechanical keyboards have just begun their resurfacing journey.

It’s a great time to be alive since almost every brand is looking towards providing the most value per dollar to you;

the customer. Sure, you can buy any keyboard that has an impressive design but why settle

for anything less if you can get a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are far better than regular keyboards and with an awesome layout,

the mechanical keyboard has no other competitor that can beat it at its game.

If you are looking towards getting a vertical keyboard,

then we recommend Chassepot’s C1000.

This keyboard has it all.

An innovative vertical layout with keys that don’t get in the way and an amazing switchboard

that provides only the best typing experience possible.

One might think that having a vertical keyboard would put you at a disadvantage because

you would have to reach for some keys,

but this mechanical keyboard is specially designed to make every key accessible to you (Chassepot 2019).

It is top of the line in every way and even features a patented software which allows

for even more customizability of your keyboard!

It has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a high-end keyboard with the

added advantage of a vertical layout which allows for far greater table space optimization

than other keyboard layouts in the market (Chassepot 2019).

It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer or a professional, a vertical layout keyboard has

specialized switches for both tasks.

To summarize everything in a nutshell:

if you are the type that prefers an efficient work environment, then getting the most out of

your peripheral should mean everything to you.