Chassepot C1000 Go mechanical keyboard

Chassepot C1000 Go mechanical keyboard

Chassepot C1000 Pro mechanical keyboard

 • More Reasonable Optimization of Table Space

• Chassepot's Revolutionary Layout

• Fully Programmable :Custom key mappings 、

   macros and  Programmable RGB indicators lights

• Multi- Pairing Feature ,Bluetooth*3+USB*1.

• ALL O/S Support

• N-Key Rollover


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  Maximum Comfort & Ultimate Efficiency

As keyboards are one of the four main items that we most frequently

touch every day (phone, mouse, keyboard,steering wheel), they have

also gradually attracted our attention. We hope that our keyboard is

comfortable to use, simple to operate, and has many functions.




Chassepot’s Revolutionary Layout

 Chassepot C1000 mechanical keyboard’s Layout Was Designed In

Strict Accordance With better Standards







A Multi- Pairing Feature

Multi-Pairing Support up to 4 Devices,Hot Switching between 2

connection modes: Bluetooth*3+USB*1. you can game effortlessly

on the Bluetooth mode with a superior response time







C P C + R G B

Chassepot is designed with a full-fledged and patented software

called Chassepot Power Console (CPC) . Fully Programmable :

Custom key mappings 、macros and Programmable RGB indicators

lights allow you to add a subtle touch of personalization to your keyboard.








OP Structure

Uses a unique OP structure to achieve a strong yet simple design.

Even the back of the keyboard does not have any screws.








N-Key Rollover

Players and professional typists are most concerned about anti

ghosting. N-key rollover helps you to more easily control input.










laser engraving

is known as the best technique for key  caps. It produces a classic

result that does not cut costs and is incomparably exquisite.










Chassepot C1000 mechanical keyboard has a 6-degree natural slope,

so there is no need for adjustments, allowing for the best possible experience









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