C1000’s Layout Was Designed In Strict Accordance With Three Standards



1. Respects users’ input habits,avoids the painful processof an adaptation period

2.Cuts down on the movement distance of users’ fingers and reduces the experience of twisting one’s fingers.

3.Combines users’ demand for commonly used functions to achieve a one-touch typing operation.






 Why are the arrow keys for all games and gamepads on the left side? This is the power of habit. Therefore, arrow keys on the right are a huge bug. If the arrow keys are on the left(the design of arrow keys is not for gaming , you still need ASWD ), the situation is vastly different. Matched with the keycaps’ blind spots , even if you have your eyes closed, you can easily touch them, and these will be your most useful arrow keys!





 We have reduced the size of the space bar to a reasonable length to make it quick and easy to use. In addition, we have placed the frequently used backspace key on the side so we can use the thumb to lightly tap it. At the same time, we have retained the original backspace key, which is Chassepot’s design concept. We provide users with even more convenient options, but will not force them to change their original input habits.





Windows often uses shortcuts that result in the problem of twisted hands, and this confuses almost everyone. The new Windows key’s position will allow you easily complete these combinations and avoid the possibility of incorrect keystrokes. Of course, it is easy to lock, as you can use FN + Windows! Furthermore, why is there a blind spot on the Windows key? If you play MOBA and FPS-type games, you may as well switch the Windows key’s cap with the R or W keys’ caps. You will be surprised to find that this is your ideal gaming keyboard.





 FN is the classic button that requires combinations before it can take effect, and those with the most combinations are F1-F12. This has resulted in the most ideal location for a single-handed operation of the FN keys.





It is undeniable that ‘show desktop’, ‘file explorer’, and ‘task manager’ are the most commonly used application functions. ESC’s location seems to have drastically changed, but actually has not moved at all. It is always in your familiar upper right corner!





 Are you still using the Windows + L shortcut? Try the function that all phones must have, and lock the screen with a single keystroke.





Volume key!





Chassepot does not only serve gamers! We have installed a calculator that pops out with one keystroke, along with a 00 key that is a favorite of many office workers.